Internet service for your property Why Florida Fiber?

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Why Florida Fiber?

Florida Fiber isn’t like other Internet companies. Here’s Why:

We provide best in class technical and customer support 24/7 with live technicians to take your call. We utilize state of the art network tools and equipment.

Our unique revenue-generating model lets you produce income from your “Internet real estate” investment, typically 50% ROI or more.

With Florida Fiber you can offer the latest in Internet amenities at an affordable price, setting you apart from the competition. Increase your prospecting and retention with the #1 in-demand amenity in the MDU industry.

Our high-quality, state-of-the art technology and equipment provide maximum speeds, access everywhere, easy use, customizable experiences and seamless distribution.

Florida Fiber bulk service model offers more affordable Internet services for your residents—which they’ll love—while still allowing you to make money.


Internet available from the day they move in.


No long term contract required.


No upfront set up fees


Full wireless coverage throughout each apartment plus direct connect.


Ability to use home internet connection in common areas.


No wait for a technician to get online.

What your residents will experience:


Property-Wide roaming, printing, and streaming

Blazing Speeds

Up to 10 Gig - Fiber Stream delivered Internet


99.9% network uptime

Immediate Access

Move-in, log in and go — no waiting for installation


Enterprise-level wireless equipment - 802.11AC dual-band

Technical/Customer Support

Preemptive monitoring & response, 24/7 U.S.-based customer support

Iron Clad Security

Enterprise security protocols with private access for each account

Net Superiority

Constant HD video streaming, WiFi calling & video chat


Connect all devices, (e.g smart T.V, wireless printer or gaming console)

Simple Connectivity

Complete network management with easy device connection

High speed internet for residential buildings.

What does it cost?
On Average it costs $450 – $550 per apartment to fully install a Florida Fiber internet service to each unit.

What are the benefits?
✔ Generate a new monthly revenue stream.
✔ Increase resale value of your management rights.
✔ Faster, simpler internet connections for your tenants.
✔ Full control over internet pricing in your building.
✔ Reduce Internet provider visits.

About Us

We are a different kind of Internet company

Forget what you may have experienced with other ISPs and Internet providers, now you can get the very latest in fast, reliable broadband internet—delivered with the kind of customer service and tech support that you can trust.

We’re problem solvers and solution providers. We love a challenge. And we’ll bend over backwards to give our clients and end users an awesome Internet experience.

Our team includes skilled network engineers, seasoned business executives, dedicated and meticulous technical support experts and an enthusiastic staff who keeps things running smoothly day-to-day.

When it comes to Internet services, we’re geeks. We love finding new and better ways to improve the connection experience and make sure your residents can enjoy all that the Internet has to offer—from Zoom meetings, Remote classrooms, gaming, straming entertainment and sports to everything internet.

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